For, Of, and By The People

Being a part of the process is important. Whether you want to host a sign in your yard, have a question, care to volunteer, or want to donate in some other way to the campaign, your participation is welcome and greatly appreciated. Thank you for your consideration. 

CONTACT Robert Frederick

Call/text 336-898-1500 or feel free to send an email directly to Robert at

(This is a volunteer, non-partisan position Robert is running for and he works full time, so please understand if he does not respond right away.)


via PayPal


or Mail To:

Committee to Elect Robert Frederick
706 Ragsdale Road
Jamestown, NC  27282

Frederick's campaign is no longer accepting money donations.  Thank you for your generosity! 

Host a sign?  Volunteer?    Please be in touch!
Come visit at the polls!