Please let me me introduce you to the non-partisan, volunteer political work I do
with some beliefs that I've invested some of my time and energy in.

I made this video out of concern for our environment given our population growth.

I made this video out of concern that Congress lost its key to the Engine of War.

Here's a video I made about our federal government's role in income inequality.

I reported this while at Science and believe we need to care better for one another.

These last two videos are by others. They're here because music, art, poetry, literature -- I believe these are important to a person's and a society's well-being. I sing with Bel Canto Company (above) and served on the board of directors of The Music Academy of North Carolina (below).

This website evolves as my volunteer efforts in Jamestown, NC evolve.
Starting with a move for a year-long journalism fellowship at Harvard, 
I've stayed active in our community mostly online. 
That mode of engagement will continues as long as the pandemic continues. 

For more about who I am and what I do, here's my website.
If you're local to Jamestown, NC, and would like to connect, please see below.
Of course, anyone is free to follow my page on Facebook.